Project Custom Folding Table 01/1

This very special custom shelf / table, designed by OCKHM was made to fit around an existing Jarrah beam in a small 50's cottage. The clients requested OCKHM to build a dining table that would fold out of the way when not in use. To make use of the small space and to add much needed storage space a set of shelves was included in the design. In the folded position the table top raises to cover the shelves to hid any clutter with the table legs tucking in to form a picture frame. The owner say they will have a painting commisioned of their pet on the underside of the table top to display when the table is folded.

The construction of the table and shelves was entirely made from Baltic Birch plywood with perfect AA grade faces the result we think speaks for itself.

The owners next project for OCKHM will be a set of folding chairs to compliment the table.

We can't wait :)